Marketing Trends

The key to successful marketing is to really keep up with the trends. It is to keep up with what is new in technology, what is new in business, and what is new in the consumer world.

Shama Hyder, a trusted media expert, breaks down the top marketing trends of 2016 in the video on her YouTube channel. Check out the video below!

According to her, the new marketing trends are:

The Customer Journey
The Rise of Influencer Marketing
The Importance of Email Marketing
Boardroom Diversity
Crowdsourcing Content
Rise in Video Advertising
Manufacturing as a Service
Wearable Tech
Dark Traffic
Rise in Virtual Reality
Rise in Training & Education
Digital Equity

What’s your opinion to her view on the upcoming trends?


Website Development

Website Development

One of the most important things for businesses nowadays is their websites.

Websites can bring in a lot of customers, but it can also drive them away. They need to be easy to navigate, visually appealing, and high on Google’s search results (basically, search engine friendly).

Forbes Magazine listed 25 web design tips to better one’s website, and I couldn’t agree more with them. Here are the top 10, check the full list at Forbes’ website.

    1. The 5 Second Rule
    2. Call for Action
    3. Keep it Fresh
    4. Incorporate Social Media
    5. Videos
    6. Don’t Make Me Think a.k.a. easy to find information and navigation
    7. Avoid Long Pages
    8. Don’t Make Me Squint – make sure that it is easy to read
    9. Flash Websites Are Dead – they tend to be slower and iOS systems don’t support Flash and that can mean losing a lot of customers!
    10. Proper Messaging – the most effective websites are clear and concise.

It is hard sometimes to optimize your website by yourself, and it can be quite expensive to do so professionally. Thankfully, there are cheaper options where one can learn how to build a website. One example is CodeAcademy. They provide online “lessons” on anything from HTML to CSS.

Do you know any other tools for website development?

Man vs. Machine

The argument of man vs. machine has been discussed for decades. However, the struggle between man and machine has never become more real than what it is today.

Technology is advancing and is sometimes outsmarting is. However, can “man” really live without machines and vice versa. The answer is no. At least when it comes to marketing.

An article on Search Engine Journal discuss the argument of man vs. machine in respect to pay-per-click ads or PPC ads. They also show this infographic that accurately represents technology and marketing today.



The full article can be found here. The article does raise an important point that is that it is humans who bring the creativity into marketing and ads, which is what makes ads work!

Here are three tips to improve your PPC

  1. Be a persuasive advert – Use your creativity and demonstrate it with your words!
  2. Optimize your landing page – Make sure your landing page is visually appealing and easy to navigate.
  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment – Track your result and analyze them. It does take sometimes a little trial and error, but you will find what works best for your target market and your company.

Workshops in Vancouver

Workshops in Vancouver

Online marketing and social media marketing are recently new fields that are quickly rising. Therefore, I feel there is a need to educate oneself to the latests trends, and really, how it all works.

Because it is so recent and new, it is hard to learn all the necessities “basics”. The internet is filled with how-to articles and videos that are meant to educate on the matter of online or digital marketing. Browsing through countless of websites and blogs, I asked myself, is there a place where I can gather all of this information? Without sorting through articles that may or may not be reliable and useful.

Well, no. In this field, the key is to keep yourself updated and to keep reading new trends and techniques. However, a good place to start to get a foundation would be to attend a workshop.

To my surprise, both SFU and UBC provide one-day workshops on topics like these.

SFU offers these “one-day boot camps” at $159 plus tax, usually on Saturdays. Check out their workshops here!

UBC offers one day courses at UBC Robson Square for $215, on Saturdays as well. Check them out here!

Workshops are a great start to find yourself in the digital marketing world! What are some workshops you have attended or heard of that you would recommend? Comment below!

Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing Tools

Like in any business, the way to know if you are succeeding is to look at your results. You need to look at the number, because as you know, numbers don’t lie.

With today’s technology, it is very easy to gather such data about your website’s progress and success. As well as to identify what areas are an opportunity, and what areas are a win!

Here is a list of some of the most useful online marketing technologies that can get you started:


  1. Alexa: Provides information on traffic as well as incoming and outgoing links.
  2. CheckPageRank: It allows you to look at how old the domain is, and if it appears in directories such as Google Directory or Yahoo Directory.
  3. Social Mention: Monitors mentions and conversation about your brand on social media platforms.
  4.  Similar Web: This tool gives you an insight on the type of traffic that your website has.
  5. Google Analytics: For the pros, Google Analytics is one of the best in the business with an app that can give you an update at any hour of any day. It is used by big companies such as BC Living

“Semi-skim milk” or “Milk skim-semi”?

“Semi-skim milk” or “Milk skim-semi”?

How important is picking the right keyword(s) for your website? VERY! 

This funny advert from Google Analytics might seem a little silly, but it delivers its message quite well. What is the difference between “semi-skim milk” an “milk skim-semi”? You might think that there is no difference; they both refer to the same type of milk. In the online world, there is actually a huge difference!


If you type on any search engine “semi-skim milk”, the chances of you finding “milk skim-semi” are very very slim because that is not what you searched for. This is why when searching online you have to be very clear and specific on what you are looking for. Therefore, when you are designing your website, you have to be even clearer on what you are putting on to ensure that people can find your website.

There are three types of keyword matches that you should be aware of specially if you are designing for an ad as you want to ensure you get as much visibility as you can.

  1. Exact – only if the exact phrase is typed
    • Google Adwords: use square brackets around the phrase
    • Example:
  2. Phrase – results that the phrase is included in will appear
    • Google Adwords: use quotation marks (“”)
    • Example: “office desk”
      • Will appear if phrases like “best office desk” or “free office desk”are searched
  3. Broad – similar phrases will appear
    • Google Adwords: ad will show more frequently; no need to use any special characters
    • Example: office desk
      • Will appear if phrases like “computer desk” or “office chair” are searched




Google Search x TEDTalk

Google Search x TEDTalk

Why is Google the most popular search engine? Andrew Ekström, a Swedish journalist, gives a powerful talk behind the power of Google. He concludes that it is because of three reasons:

  • It works
  • What other options are there
  • It gives the best unbiased results

What happens behind a Google search? What makes the first results appear at the top of the list?

Ekström touches on the moral behind your Google search comparing search results on Google Images for Michelle Obama and Anders Behring Breivik. He describe two instances in which a picture that was not of Michelle Obama might appear when you search Michelle Obama.

While he doesn’t focus on marketing, Ekström makes a point without actually stating. The reason why an “incorrect” image might appear in the top of the results is because of keywords! The caption for the picture contained the words “Michelle Obama” and the file also contained that phrase.

We can take this lesson apply it to our marketing tools. Keyword density is another way to boost our results. Using tools such as Google Adwords can help a business pick the right keywords to maximize its results.

Listen to the full TED Talk here