One of the most important things for businesses nowadays is their websites.

Websites can bring in a lot of customers, but it can also drive them away. They need to be easy to navigate, visually appealing, and high on Google’s search results (basically, search engine friendly).

Forbes Magazine listed 25 web design tips to better one’s website, and I couldn’t agree more with them. Here are the top 10, check the full list at Forbes’ website.

    1. The 5 Second Rule
    2. Call for Action
    3. Keep it Fresh
    4. Incorporate Social Media
    5. Videos
    6. Don’t Make Me Think a.k.a. easy to find information and navigation
    7. Avoid Long Pages
    8. Don’t Make Me Squint – make sure that it is easy to read
    9. Flash Websites Are Dead – they tend to be slower and iOS systems don’t support Flash and that can mean losing a lot of customers!
    10. Proper Messaging – the most effective websites are clear and concise.

It is hard sometimes to optimize your website by yourself, and it can be quite expensive to do so professionally. Thankfully, there are cheaper options where one can learn how to build a website. One example is CodeAcademy. They provide online “lessons” on anything from HTML to CSS.

Do you know any other tools for website development?


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