Online marketing and social media marketing are recently new fields that are quickly rising. Therefore, I feel there is a need to educate oneself to the latests trends, and really, how it all works.

Because it is so recent and new, it is hard to learn all the necessities “basics”. The internet is filled with how-to articles and videos that are meant to educate on the matter of online or digital marketing. Browsing through countless of websites and blogs, I asked myself, is there a place where I can gather all of this information? Without sorting through articles that may or may not be reliable and useful.

Well, no. In this field, the key is to keep yourself updated and to keep reading new trends and techniques. However, a good place to start to get a foundation would be to attend a workshop.

To my surprise, both SFU and UBC provide one-day workshops on topics like these.

SFU offers these “one-day boot camps” at $159 plus tax, usually on Saturdays. Check out their workshops here!

UBC offers one day courses at UBC Robson Square for $215, on Saturdays as well. Check them out here!

Workshops are a great start to find yourself in the digital marketing world! What are some workshops you have attended or heard of that you would recommend? Comment below!


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