How important is picking the right keyword(s) for your website? VERY! 

This funny advert from Google Analytics might seem a little silly, but it delivers its message quite well. What is the difference between “semi-skim milk” an “milk skim-semi”? You might think that there is no difference; they both refer to the same type of milk. In the online world, there is actually a huge difference!


If you type on any search engine “semi-skim milk”, the chances of you finding “milk skim-semi” are very very slim because that is not what you searched for. This is why when searching online you have to be very clear and specific on what you are looking for. Therefore, when you are designing your website, you have to be even clearer on what you are putting on to ensure that people can find your website.

There are three types of keyword matches that you should be aware of specially if you are designing for an ad as you want to ensure you get as much visibility as you can.

  1. Exact – only if the exact phrase is typed
    • Google Adwords: use square brackets around the phrase
    • Example:
  2. Phrase – results that the phrase is included in will appear
    • Google Adwords: use quotation marks (“”)
    • Example: “office desk”
      • Will appear if phrases like “best office desk” or “free office desk”are searched
  3. Broad – similar phrases will appear
    • Google Adwords: ad will show more frequently; no need to use any special characters
    • Example: office desk
      • Will appear if phrases like “computer desk” or “office chair” are searched





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