Why is Google the most popular search engine? Andrew Ekström, a Swedish journalist, gives a powerful talk behind the power of Google. He concludes that it is because of three reasons:

  • It works
  • What other options are there
  • It gives the best unbiased results

What happens behind a Google search? What makes the first results appear at the top of the list?

Ekström touches on the moral behind your Google search comparing search results on Google Images for Michelle Obama and Anders Behring Breivik. He describe two instances in which a picture that was not of Michelle Obama might appear when you search Michelle Obama.

While he doesn’t focus on marketing, Ekström makes a point without actually stating. The reason why an “incorrect” image might appear in the top of the results is because of keywords! The caption for the picture contained the words “Michelle Obama” and the file also contained that phrase.

We can take this lesson apply it to our marketing tools. Keyword density is another way to boost our results. Using tools such as Google Adwords can help a business pick the right keywords to maximize its results.

Listen to the full TED Talk here


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